YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin

Download Free YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium v2.0.5

There’s a reason why the most successful stores are offering digital gift cards: Gift cards increase customer loyalty, drive revenue, and introduce new customers to your store. If you are not offering gift cards yet, now is the best time to start! With WooCommerce Gift Cards, it’s possible to place orders almost instantly. Instead of using their credit card, returning customers can pay with funds from previously redeemed gift certificates.

The extension adds a dedicated account page, where customers can view their redeemed gift card codes, and quickly check their total balance — just like a wallet. From checkout to account management, every plugin feature has designed to make your customers feel right at home.

Suitable for every occasion

Give your most loyal customers another reason to return, and let them introduce new customers to your store. The extension packs precisely those features that your customers value the most. With WooCommerce Gift Cards, they can:

  • Pick a specific delivery date.
  • Send a personal message to the recipient.
  • Add multiple recipients.
  • Choose a suitable image for the occasion.
  • Just as good under the hood

The plugin comes with management and reporting features that empower you to keep track of every issued code: Search, view, and edit gift certificates by sender or recipient. Drill down into detailed transaction logs. Generate balance reports for purchased, published, and expired codes.

Built by the book

Pre-paid gift certificates are a form of payment, and shouldn’t be treated like coupons. Start with a plugin that gets them right, like Gift Cards, and your accounting team will thank you!

WooCommerce Gift Cards Features

  • Sell Simple and Variable gift certificates.
  • Create expiring codes.
  • Let customers choose a custom delivery date.
  • Send to multiple recipients.
  • Search and edit issued gift certificates by sender, code, or recipient.
  • search transactions and Log store-wide by code, or by consumer.
  • Generate issued, purchased, and expired balance reports.

Demo WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin

Download WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin


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