Woocommerce Salesforce CRM Integration

Woocommerce Salesforce CRM Integration

Download Free Woocommerce Salesforce CRM Integration WordPress Plugin v1.0

Woocommerce Salesforce CRM Integration WordPress plugin enables you to automatically synchronize all information from the online shop to the Salesforce CRM system. These Essential Plugin attributes are Synchronize register client in Woocommerce to Lead to Salesforce CRM, Synchronize Order from Woocommerce into Account, Woocommerce to Contact, Products to Products, Woocommerce to Order from Salesforce CRM and Permit automatic or manual synchronization.

Connect Salesforce Account

You can join Salesforce Account from Oauth 2.0 or Salesforce Organization ID if API isn’t enabled. You can also merge multiple Salesforce accounts.

Export Event

As an instance, send WooCommerce Order into Salesforce if Order Status changes to “processing”.

Primary Key

Rather than creating a new Object from Salesforce, you can upgrade old items by placing the Primary Key area.

Download Woocommerce Salesforce Integration


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