Woocommerce Partial Payment Plugin Free

WooCommerce Deposits v2.5.16 – Partial Payments Plugin Free Download

WooCommerce Deposits is a premium WordPress and WooCommerce partial payment plugin. With this Plugin, customers pay a fixed price or interest upfront, and you can also force a deposit. It is compatible with the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin by PluginHive, allowing you to collect deposits on bookings, check their following article on how to use both plugins together. It also compatible with the WooCommerce Bookings by Woothemes plugin, allowing you to collect Woocommerce deposits on bookings as well as other products. At Freecodezilla, you can download WooCommerce Deposits Plugin for free.

WooCommerce Deposits Features

  • Accept or induce deposits on goods at your shop.
  • Automated email reminders to cover the remaining quantity after a particular number of times
  • Checkout mode to produce deposits cart-based and deposit choice button found in the checkout
  • Clients can cover the rest amount afterward by logging into.
  • Select deposit type: Fixed percentage or value.
  • Disable particular payment gateways whenever there’s a deposit.
  • Disable or allow deposits site-wide using one click.
  • Insert new deposits in the purchasing editor at the admin back-end.
  • Display custom made messages once the deposit alternative is selected.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Bookings: Multiply the deposit with men in your reservations or collect a proportion of their entire price.
  • Constructed for WooCommerce: Designed from the ground up to operate with WooCommerce.
  • Deposit accounts can be found in the WooCommerce accounts panel.

Demo Woocommerce Partial Payment

Download Woocommerce Partial Payment


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