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Ultimate Video Player v7.1 – Premium WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Video Player is a Powerful responsive audio/video player that can play a local audio (mp3) / video (mp4), audios from a server, or streaming videos, Vimeo / Vimeo Pro videos or Youtube videos. It only requires the mp3 / mp4 format (the most usable formats on the web), and it will work on desktop machines and mobile devices. It is made possible by incorporating multiple video engines in a brilliant way inside the video player logic. Ultimate Video Player supports endless playlists, and all playlists can have unlimited videos. The playlists can load from a simple HTML markup, XML file, mixed playlist (Vimeo | Vimeo pro | youtube | HTML5 video/audio), video folder (mp4 files), audio folder (mp3 files), youtube playlist or youtube channel, Vimeo playlist our Vimeo album.

It Packed with a massive amount of features like external API, optional Deeplinking, multiple playlists, Responsive skin, responsive layout, embed & share. It also has features like video quality selector, subtitle selector 360 degrees / virtual reality / VR support, share window, audio support with real-time spectrum visualizer, annotations, mid-roll, pre-roll. And post-roll video or image, image advertisement, HTTP Live Streaming / HLS / m3u8 video support, DASH MPEG live streaming, google drive, Openload.co support, Chromecast, etc. It gives it the best and most effective video player available on sale.

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