Shoptimizer - The Fastest WooCommerce Theme

Download Free Shoptimizer v2.1.6 – The Fastest WooCommerce Theme

Shoptimizer v2.1.6 Optimize your WooCommerce store for speed and conversions with Shoptimizer. Shoptimizer is a FAST WooCommerce theme with a ton of features, all designed to help you convert more users to customers. When you need a Fast WooCommerce Theme optimized for sales and conversion, look no further than Shoptimizer Theme Nulled.

Shoptimizer Theme Features

  • Complete an order quicker
  • Request a callback feature
  • Minified and Critical CSS created automatically!
  • Incredible speed scores!
  • Additional product information
  • Sticky product details on scroll
  • Add slide up sales notifications
  • Superior product category SEO
  • Use trust badges at crucial stages
  • Include Single Product FOMOs
  • A massive impact on SEO rankings
  • Find items even faster
  • Beautiful pre-designed pages included
  • Uses the customizer for instant changes
  • Elementor page builder
  • Megamenu support included
  • Sticky header with the call to action upon scroll
  • Promotion header strip
  • Previous and next product navigation
  • Product image zoom for more details
  • Improved search with immediate results
  • Offer bar with discount code
  • In stock visibility to encourage purchase
  • Quantity increase/decrease buttons added
  • Stock level display
  • Include reasons to purchase
  • Add to cart button has color customization options
  • Countdown timer
  • Increase trust with security badges
  • Optional wishlist functionality
  • An additional tab for shipping prices to encourage buying
  • FOMO popup highlighting previous sales
  • Social media sharing icons including WhatsApp
  • Request a call back option
  • Beautiful layout for the product information

Shoptimizer includes speed-related theme options, which include automatic minification of the main CSS file for super-fast loading. It dynamically creates a ‘critical CSS’ stylesheet so that it loads almost instantly the contents of a user’s viewport. This critical CSS gives an impression of immediate interaction with your site with no waiting — a huge conversion milestone for eCommerce businesses.


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