Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Download Free Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.10.2

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin is a Premium WordPress plugin for Pin Pictures from the WordPress Website into a Pinterest account. It is exactly why we’ve coded this plugin, which will pin pictures from the articles mechanically to Just set up and forget that your Pinterest accounts as Pinterest Automatic can do each of the pinning jobs for you. At Freecodezilla, you can download WordPress Pinterest Automatic for free.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin Features

Volume Pin: Articles could queue for pinning in bulk. The number of pictures to pin per article could set from one to all.

Queuing System: The Plugin queues images which qualify for pinning from the queue and then pin them split by an irregular period. It allows the pinning of an infinite number of pictures with no issue.

Auto-link hooks to your article: All hooks straight hyperlinked to your articles, so when any Pinterest user clicks onto the snare, it redirects him to a post on your website. Pin connection may still be a stable set connection or a connection from a customized field. The picture may also be uploaded with no link like pictures uploaded on your computer.

Demo WordPress Pinterest Automatic

Download WordPress Pinterest Automatic


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