HostCluster v1.5

HostCluster WHMCS Server & Hosting WordPress Theme

HostCluster v1.5 – WHMCS Server & Hosting WordPress Theme

HostCluster is a Hosting WordPress Theme and can be among the most precious server associated business topics. We determined that HostCluster will represent your hosting company. It’s over ten demos, and every of these centered on a specific portion of your own server hosting company. HostCluster can be labeled as a complex platform that’s capable of several activities that happen in the hosting region. Should you require a theme to keep your company secure and do the tough task for you, HostCluster is the ideal tool you may apply to your company identity.


Quit considering the laborious procedure which remains behind the hosting or domain process. HostCluster comes equipped with all the WHMCS plugin so you can digitalize the whole core procedure for your enterprise. We incorporated the WHMCS Bridge plugin within this subject to offer a consistent and one of a kind user experience to any client that’s coming to a site with a host, hosting goal.

Directly from the very top of the first home page, you can make accessible an important feature that HostCluster could offer. The domain name checker has complicated functionality. This webpage is simple to use, and your clients can increase the cart straight from the page. They’re also able to understand the cost of the domain names they hunted.


You will discover from the primary menu a part known as DOMAINS. We believed that for higher productivity, and we must bring the domain checker in the home menu. But we made a different page for this particular one. Adhering to the essential function of this checker, with this webpage, you will notice a section with Frequently Asked Questions. Within this field of action, we attempted to make everything as easy as possible. Together with HostCluster, you get a live chat for service. However, we wanted to include as much info as we could so that your customers can have the very best consumer experience.


As we mentioned earlier, consumer experience is essential in regards to a host hosting provider firm. The “HOSTING” menu section will make it possible for you to provide details on your services, but this time using a dedicated webpage for one another. Your clients can socialize with these segments and get a meaty part of information about every hosting service. You can display the pricing programs for every single function, reviews, and much more. At Freecodezilla, you can download HostCluster for free.

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