Divi Overlays

divi overlays wordpress plugin

Divi Overlays v2.5.6 – A Premium WordPress Plugin

Divi Overlays is a brand-new method to produce beautiful full display overlays, popups, or modals employing the Divi Builder. It benefits from this flexibility and power of this Divi Builder that provides you the capability to add any sort of content conceivable into an overlay quickly. Then activate it using anything on the webpage like text hyperlinks, pictures, Divi buttons, etc. and you can use an automated trigger, for example, brute delay, scroll delay, or depart intent.

Divi Overlays uses custom article types along with also the Divi Builder to supply you with the capability to create infinite overlays easily. And also referred to as popups, modals, or lightboxes using any kind of content conceivable, then trigger the overlay from any webpage, using whatever for a trigger. That means that you now have an extra layer of your site! Overlays permit you to display additional information without consuming page property AND without waiting for the page to load. Here are only a few examples of the Several Things you can show with Divi Overlays:

  • Pricing Tables
  • Image Galleries and Image Sliders
  • Contact Forms
  • Multi-step subscribe forms
  • Subscribe Forms
  • Shopping Cart Overlays

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