Cornerstone WordPress Plugin

Cornerstone WordPress Plugin

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Cornerstone v4.2.3 – The WordPress Page Builder

Cornerstone is a front-end WordPress page builder that will improve the way you build pages. Gone are the days of having to click back and forth between the best admin panel and your website. Now you can understand all of your work as you build the web page, bringing fun back into the original process. Cornerstone WordPress Plugin is regularly updated with new elements, templates, and 3rd party tools as we work side by side with multiple in the industry to make sure your Cornerstone practice is enjoyable, predictable, and second to none.

With the click of a button, Skeleton Mode enables you to visually understand the structure of your complete page without leaving the front-end interface. Move elements around, configure them, and more. You’ll wonder how you ever made web pages without it. Many options for editing text and the content on your page make working in Cornerstone productive effort and an enjoyable. Use the standard text input or with the click of a button go fullscreen for an even larger canvas. While the majority of clients use Cornerstone to build beautiful sales pages, lead pages, pricing pages, and much more. This is WordPress after all! Cornerstone can add the same magic to your post making process if you’d like it to.

Demo Cornerstone WordPress Plugin

Download Cornerstone WordPress Plugin


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